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ANWA KIDZ is our luxury transportation service that offers a premium limousine service to transport your kidz to their destination. Our staff have undergone background checks, and have been trained to transport your child to and from their destination with care and attention.

You can rest reassure your little loved ones are in safe hands. For your peace of mind our vehicles are fitted with surveillance cameras which you will be granted access to that you will have the ability to log in and monitor their whole journey from start to finish!

Our vehicles are equipped with DVD screens for your children's entertainment while they travel, we also provide complimentary water and snacks.

Our staff consists of one male and one female throughout the duration of the trip.

Check out our affordable packages  and select whichever option suits you best

For a limited time only!

Receive one FREE round trip for your child after 4 completed round journeys.

Thanks for choosing ANWA KIDZ,

we look forward to serving you.




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